Snabbspårskurs i TDD

Den 3-6 december går JDays av stapeln för första gången i Göteborg. De första dagarna består av föreläsningar (som till viss del väljs av besökarna) och sista dagen är kurser (som ingår i priset). Jag kommer hålla en av heldagskurserna och den beskrivs så här:

Software Craftsmanship stands on the notion that “code is written by humans, for humans” and realizes that the developers themselves are the first users of the code they produce. They’ll read it several times during the code’s lifetime – and the time it takes to read and understand the code, is heavily affected by how “clean” that piece of code is.

Test-driven development offers more than just simple validation of correctness. By focusing on the test first, a developer must imagine how the system and/or it’s APIs will be used, which may help in crafting interfaces and APIs that are easy to understand and digest – thus being a great help in writing actual clean code.

In this hands-on crash course attendees will learn and master the basics of TDD. The theory behind TDD will be explained and intertwined with exercises. Focus is on practicing TDD – i.e. writing code – so that the participant is ready to start doing TDD in real life projects the following day. During the day, various topics related to Software Craftmanship and Clean Code will be explained and discussed.

Attendees should be comfortable with the Java programming language and bring a laptop with Eclipse (or similar IDE) installed.

Väl mött! :-)

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