Two things that bothers me with Chrome/-ium

  1. My bookmarks and reading history is synchronized in a way I can’t control (yes, I’ve lost all my settings and bookmarks once)
  2. Can’t set proxy settings for the application only – it uses the full system’s proxy settings

WebKit is BSD/LGPL so that’s good, although entire application isn’t open sourced (which Firefox and the Mozilla organisation is about) – it’s open enough.

The things that bothers me with Firefox, making me shift again:

  • Speed, performance. It’s almost on par with Chrom[e|ium] when only displaying one tab, but after that – it’s a different game.
  • Developer tools. While Firebug sparked much of what we have today, again – the tooling is simply better (and I assume it’s the underlying platform that’s part of the reason to this)

Chrome/Chromium has a richer plugin (app) echo system. There’s a lot for Firefox too, but I have the feeling that there are less developers and development traction in that echo system.

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