Selenium and text-based testing

Ever since I saw PyUseCase I’ve been longing for a port which runs with web apps. I’ve been thinking briefly about actually doing this, using Selenium as the engine/driver. To make it usable, I guess I’d have to make TextTest ignore certain aspects of the DOM/HTML-tree (such as automatically-generated ID attributes, and positions of nodes, a dialog “window” for instance).

Today I saw the Tellerium IDE, which is a plugin for Firefox, and that got me even more motivated to actually go ahead and try to move towards a WebUseCase port for xUseCase and TextTest. Now I just need to find the time to make this happen …

One thought on “Selenium and text-based testing”

  1. Cool! I hope you find some time!
    btw I don’t think a full port is needed, more an extesion. pyUseCase runs quite happily in jython, and now supports about 5 GUI libraries, so it’s kind of extensible.

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