Transparens på nätet

Google, Skype, Open Rights Group, Center for Democracy and Technology, Netzpolitik, OpenNet Initiative och andra bjuder in till ett tvådagars-hackathon (8-9 november), kallat Hack For Transparency (#h4t). Det bjuds på käk, nät och 3000 € i pris till bästa bidraget från respektive spår: Internet Quality och Global Transparency.

The objective is then not necessarily to end-up with fully completed projects, but rather to stimulate the awareness and thinking around these issues, and to discover fresh ideas and innovative angles to tackle them.

Senast 10:e oktober behöver man skicka in sin ansökan om att få delta.

todo: Google Latitude Client for Maemo

I figure it’d take me four hours to create an app that, when launched gets the current location from the device (there’s a lib for that), converts it to long/lat coords and posts it to Google using the Google Latitude API (a simple RESTful service).

  1. Register for API key
  2. Register Application
  3. Get OAuth up and running (1h)
  4. Post dummy coordinates to Google Latitude (1h)
  5. Get location from the device (1h)
  6. Write authentication GUI (1h)
  7. Write application that looks for valid credentials (step 3), ask for authorization if not given already (step 6), gets location from the device (step 5) and posts it to Google Latitude (step 4)

I’d call that a day and the next day I’d look at creating a service out of this.

  1. Write application that wakes up at a certain interval (or several, more often during wake hours)
  2. Write GUI to change interval settings (or several …)
  3. Write settings storage (GConf)
  4. Write application that checks for authentication, if not present, launch GUI? (if not running) otherwise update position with Google Latitude and then sleep until next “interval”

After that, I’d call it a day and the next day:

  1. Register a new product with Maemo Garage.
  2. Post a message on the Maemo Forum.
  3. Publish “product” to Extras and wait.

All it takes is a little Python, some extra time and some patience for the Maemo community to have it’s way with QA-testing etc.