git vs hg

While git surely is powerful, hg sure is userfriendlier (until you need to do fancy stuff).


The branch implementation in Mercurial was a poor choice. I wish they would create hg 2 and simply fix this – ie not being backwards compatible.


When working with multiple repositories, it’s nice to be able to “coordinate” pushing with Mercurial’s hg outgoing.

When working with several branches, Mercurial’s hg graft is nice.

When working with the acyclic graph, it’s nice to work with Mercurial’s local commit numbers.

When working with code that’s in production (or some kind of testing phase), Git’s stash and lightweight branches makes Mercurial look like a 20th century VCS.

Making the journey pleasant

Things I find useful.

git config --global alias.incoming '!git remote update -p; git log ..@{u}'
git config --global alias.outgoing 'log @{u}..'
git config --global status
git config --global diff.guitool meld
git config --global difftool.prompt false
git config --global alias.meld '!/usr/local/bin/'
git meld master..topic

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