Sony Ericsson Arc

After about one week’s usage, these are the bug’s I’ve run into.


Stays in USB-to-PC mode

Somehow, my phone won’t get out of this mode. In the notification area, it still asks if I want to connect the memory card, even though I disconnected the phone several hours ago.

Battery drain

Sure, using wifi does consume battery but it’s still worse than on my N900 with a 1.5 yrs old battery.

Folder menu doesn’t collapse after app start

When an application is started from a folder in the bottom “container” of the home screen, then that folder is still open when returning from the app.


A hardware button to lock orientation

Lying in bed or in a sun chair, having that Ipad lock on the side was really useful. I’d go with an easily accessible software switch, but going into settings to turn it on/off is too far away for my liking.

Services not restarted when requested

I accidentally killed a few services too many (when looking for performance killers) and suddenly bluetooth obex transfers stopped working, as well as all searches (both web and speech searching with just stopped working, the browser showed up but didn’t do anything).

Translation is poor

One example: When Google voice search is analyzing the recorded sound, the top label says “Working” in English, and “Fungerar” in Swedish (“it works”).

Gmail is a separate application from e-mail

Why, oh why? I’ve yet to see the amazingness of this.

No unified communication out of the box

Why, oh why? I’d like:

  1. one stream of directed messages (incoming and outgoing – basically all conversation, texts/SMS, email, jabber, twitter DM etc …)
  2. one stream of social messages (facebook, twitter, RSS feed etc)
  3. one unified view of my communication with a contact (conversation and social stream separated probably)

Performance decrease with usage …

Starting apps gets slower and slower and slower and slower. Without noticeable change in available memory.

5 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Arc”

  1. “Gmail is a separate application from e-mail”

    I was annoyed too, but I guess not everyone wanting a non-Apple, non-MS smart phone has given their life to google. But using a regular mail client for gmail is also stupid.

    “Performance decrease with usage …”

    Do you mean over days, even through restarts?

    Phones are getting too computer-like (i.e. requiring reboots and fresh installs no and then…)

  2. @Erik: Well, I work hard with 0 sized inbox. Either I act on it or I throw it away. All e-mail I get is also backed up and those I can do full text searches on without the help of Google. So I really don’t use GMails tagging or conversational stuff.

    Performance decrease during the day. At some points, the entire phone doesn’t redraw the screen for about 10 seconds, most typically when starting a new app. The Dialer/Phone app seems to trigger this (or is affected by whatever the cause is) more frequently than other apps. The camera app has failed to start a couple of times as well (next launch attempt usually works though, “yay”!)

  3. The FM Radio player doesn’t exit. Just hangs. Unplugging the headset doesn’t remove the icon in the status bar either. Just hangs there.

  4. Time to boot:
    15:24:57 Power button pressed, phone buzzed
    15:25:07 Sony Ericsson logo
    15:26:38 Sony Ericsson logo blink
    15:26:42 Sony Ericsson logo video
    15:27:00 Enter PIN code
    15:27:23 Connected to internet

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