Get Trac back on Track

Trac is great – it just works for so much straight right out of the box. It’s not perfect though. And the fixes I need I’ll assemble here.


It’s just not ever there. :)

sudo vim /usr/share/pyshared/trac/web/
        #add_script(fakereq, 'common/js/jquery.js')
        add_script(fakereq, '');

and in add_script, add hack for filenames starting with http:

    if filename.startswith('http'):
        script = {'href': filename, 'type': mimetype}'scripts', []).append(script)

Automate updating of trac wiki pages

There’s an XmlRpcPlugin that I’ve used successfully. I just love Python and XMLRPC.

easy_install -Z -U ....xmlrpc

Proper notification to wiki page changes

I’m currently using the rss2email application for proper notification of wiki updates. :(

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