PayPal – not the pal they used to be


Just sent a quick letter (my daughter’s sick so please don’t mind the typos):

Sorry for being rude, but what the hell are you doing now?

Last time I had to have contact with you, was because you were trying to get in the middle of me, my money and a third party, by “offering” exchange rates that was WAY out of line and so much worse than my bank would ever offer me.

So, this time, you’ve put constraints on my account because it might’ve been used in an unsafe manner (or something along the lines of that your screening suggests).

What I did then was to go to your site (with https) and log in and get a sign saying I should update the phone numbers. I comply, enter fully working international phone numbers and I get an ugly looking HTML back saying that the numbers entered are incorrect (and no help saying what it should look like or what is wrong …)

I (and several others, just search the web) are beginning to loose all of the confidence once trusted to you and your service.

Please fix YOUR issues with YOUR web site, and I will provide valid data, again.

And what’s this deal with sending message from – you’re really messing up this relationship here. I can’t send you an attachment since the only way of “sending” you an e-mail is by using this form.

So, here’s a URL to a screenshot showing that I entered a valid international phone number into the two boxes on your website (the number entered is +46702778511, which has worked from Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, GB, Spain, US, China, Finland and the Netherlands).

Fredrik Wendt

Update: They replied pretty fast though:

They replied pretty fast though:

Dear Fredrik Wendt,

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding adding your phone number.

Mr. Wendt, I apologise for any difficulties this issue has caused. I have
successfully made your number ‘+46 702778511’ as your primary number.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

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