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  1. Hello Fredriks,

    I’m want to analyze the possibility of testing extjs components with selenium. Your posts are really interesting. Do you publish your code? It would be great for me to check the way you handle some issues I’ve found.

    pura vida.

  2. I’d love to publish my code, but I’m not sure my employer would allow that. I’ll look into it though. About every tenth time we’ve run into a problem I’ve used the ExtJS Forum, so please have a look at the threads in which I’ve made posts: http://www.extjs.com/forum/search.php?searchid=10035959

    We’ve had over 10000 runs of the Selenium Test Suite that evolved for the project I’ve been at (for the past 18 months), and everyone agrees that it helps a lot.

  3. Thanks for the link to the forum. But it doesn’t work for me. What’s your username? I think I can find your posts searching for the username. If we decide to use ExtJS I suppose I’ll be a frequent user of that forum :)

    Hey, and you should try to convince your employer to publish the code you’ve written. Great things come with free software…

    I’ve been playing with ExtJS samples in order to make a first feasibility test. Nothing advanced, just a simple and fast suite:

    After that we will work on our own prototypes. Perhaps you will find something interesting on that branch in the next months.

    Thanks again. Your blog posts have been very useful for me these days. And I’ll check your forum posts, I’m sure those will be useful too :D

    pura vida.

  4. My username at the ExtJS forum is fredrik_wendt. My employer is all for open sourcing stuff. The client I worked for was not as keen on it though. Perhaps the modifications could still be extracted and released publicly.

  5. Hello,
    The problem is the mouse move simulation

    When the submenu is too long the move is out of the first menu and you lost the focus on it, submenu is not rendered.

    I have resolve it by move to the first submenu before the others.

    Actions builder = new Actions(driver);
    builder.moveToElement(Button with submenu).moveToElement(submenu).moveToElement(blue).moveToElement(green).click().perform();

    With IE another problem is the physique mouse. If it is in the window it doesn’t work. Change the position of your mouse in the begining of the test :

    Robot robot = new Robot();
    robot.mouseMove(0, 0);

    And it works fine.

    Sorry for my English

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